Project TitleHighly Sensitive Silicon Integrated Perovskite X-Ray Detectors
Track Code2016-076
Short Description

A silicon integrated perovskite x-ray detector that is up to 1,000-fold more sensitive than commercial α-selenium based detectors.

Tagsperovskite, x-ray detector, direct conversion, Flat Panel Detector, sensors & controls
Posted DateJan 10, 2017 2:55 PM


Jinsong Huang
Wei Wei

Technology Description

UNL researchers have developed an x-ray detector with sensitivity that is 1,000-fold larger than that of commercial α-Se detectors. The highly responsive detector is based on silicon integrated methyl ammonium lead bromide perovskite crystals. The integration of perovskite on to silicon wafers makes it easier to use with established silicon circuits. The enhanced sensitivity of the detector will allow for reduced radiation risk in healthcare, security, and industrial applications.

Fig. 1. Photo (top, middle) and x-ray image (bottom) of a spring stored inside a capsule (Dose Rate = ~730 μGyair s-1).

Fig. 2. Photo (top) and x-ray image (bottom) of a fish caudal fin (Dose Rate = ~730 μGyair s-1).

Fig. 3. Photo (top) and low dose x-ray image (bottom) of copper cylinders arranged in the shape of the Nebraska “N” logo (Dose Rate = 247 nGyair s-1).

Inventive Feature(s)

•  Integration of perovskite with silicon via low-temperature solution processed molecular binding


•  Increased Sensitivity – The sensitivity is up to 1000-fold larger than the current α-Se x-ray detectors when under a 7 V bias
•  Enhanced Safety – The increased sensitivity of the detector allows for reduced x-ray exposure
•  Thin – The technology should be compatible with a flat panel detector design
•  Low Cost – The materials used in the device fabrication are inexpensive

Potential Application(s)

•  X-ray detector for:
-  Medical
-  Dental
-  Research
-  Animal Health
-  Security equipment
-  Quality Control

Intellectual Property

Patent Application Filed


Haotong Wei, Yanjun Fang, Padhraic Mulligan, William Chuirazzi, Honghua Fang, Congcong Wang, Benjamin R. Ecker, Yongli Gao, Maria Antonietta Loi, Lei Cao, and Jinsong Huang, “Sensitive X-ray detectors made of methylammonium lead tribromide perovskite single crystals”, Nature Photonics, 10, 333-339 (2016)

X-Ray Imaging: Perovskites Target X-Ray Detection”, Nature Photonics News and Views

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Zane Gernhart, Ph.D.
Technology Manager
Phone: 515-408-4685

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