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  • Oleh Khalimonchuk
  • Srivatsan Kidambi



Project TitleOMA1 as a Theranostic Marker for Breast Cancer
Track Code2016-003
Short Description

This is a theranostic biomarker to predict breast cancer metastasis and help determine therapeutic regimens for patients.

Tagsbreast cancer, mitochondria, OMA-1, Theranostic Biomarker, diagnostics, therapeutics
Posted DateFeb 8, 2017 12:24 PM


Oleh Khalimonchuk
Srivatsan Kidambi

Technology Description

This technology is a Theranostic Biomarker for Cancer utilizing the mitochondrial metalloprotease OMA1. Dysregulated OMA1-dependent mitochondrial dynamics are targeted to detect and suppress breast cancer metastasis. This technology uses a combination of platforms including: (i) existing stable patient-derived breast cancer cells and (ii) lab developed OMA1 deficient breast cancer cells. These platforms enable investigation into the effect of OMA1 knockdown on tumor progression, metastasis, and drug responsiveness.


Inventive Feature(s)

Novel biomarker for predicting breast cancer metastasis


Novel biomarker for predicting breast cancer metastasis to assist in determining a proper treatment regimen

Potential Application(s)

•  Prognostic marker for breast cancer metastasis
•  Research and drug discovery
•  Might be expanded to other cancers

Intellectual Property

Patent application filed


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Licensing Contact

Arpi Siyahian, Ph.D.
Technology Manager
Phone: 818-599-2543

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