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  • Shane Farritor
  • Trevor Craig
  • Matthew Newman
  • Joseph Palmowski
  • Nathan Wulf



Project TitleWireless Car Monitoring System
Track Code2017-032
Short Description

This technology wirelessly monitors various vehicle parameters and uses an app to display the data on a personal electronic device.

Posted DateApr 25, 2017 10:44 AM


Shane Farritor
Trevor Craig
Matthew Newman
Joseph Palmowski
Nathan Wulf

Technology Description

This technology is a network of wireless sensors that can be added to a car to monitor various vehicle parameters (e.g. oil pressure, tire pressure, engine coolant temperature, engine speed, battery voltage, etc.) and communicate the information via Bluetooth to a personal electronic device. The device will display the sensor readings using an app, and the information may be stored in the cloud of later use.

Inventive Feature(s)

• Includes multiple types of sensors
• Wirelessly transmits data
• Displays data on personal electronic device
• Added to existing cars
• Multiple sensors communicate with a single hub


•  Measures several vehicle parameters – many current systems include sensors for only a few parameters
•  Convenient – The app makes the system easy to use
•  Wireless – The data can be viewed in real time by the driver or members of a team
•  Ability to Retrofit – system may be added to existing cars
•  Reduced number of broadcasts to a receiver

Potential Application(s)

•  Vehicle monitoring system for:
-  Racecars
-  Antique Automobiles
-  Construction Equipment
-  Agriculture Equipment

Intellectual Property

Patent Application Filed


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Licensing Contact

Zane Gernhart, Ph.D.
Technology Manager
Phone: 515-408-4685

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Tech Brief 2017-032 The technology brief is a one-page summary describing the technology, inventive features and benefits over the current state of the art. Download