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Project TitleNew Gene Which Intensifies Purple Plant Color in Pearl Millet (Temporarily designated PP3)
Track Code1089
Short Description

This technology is a novel line of millet with a gene to intensify the purple plant color of pearl millet, thus increasing its appeal in ornamental horticulture and use of the pearl millet to derive anthocyanins as nutraceutical supplement.

Tagsagriculture, pearl millet, purple plant, nutraceutical, dietary supplement
Posted DateOct 4, 2017 1:46 PM


David Andrews

Technology Description

The technology is a pearl millet having a novel purple pigment gene known as PP3 which leads to elevated levels of purple pigmentation in the plant. The production of the pigment is not "photo dependent" but light intensifies its production. This millet can be grown economically to recover Anthocyanins. The anthocyanin extracted and purified from this plant can be be used in the form of natural dyes, dietary supplements, food additives and as food colorants. This pearl millet has been well characterized.

Inventive Feature(s)

• Intensified purple plant color in pearl millet


•  The pearl millet line can provide high levels of anthocyanin to be used in
-  Natural Dyes
-  Food additives
-  Dietary supplements
-  Food colorants
•  Ornamental Plant

Potential Application(s)

•  Ornamental horticulture
•  Nutraceuticals
•  Plant based Dyes

Intellectual Property

Issued Patent US7,750,214


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Jeewan Jyot, Ph.D.
Senior Technology Manager
Phone: 402-472-1783

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